Welcome to Rowan County Sheriff's Department

The Office of the Rowan County Sheriff operates on the highest of standards to serve our community, and yet the law enforcement professionals in this office still take service to another level. Our deputies and staff are committed to giving multifaceted service to our community. If a victim of domestic violence files for an Emergency Protective Order, we will serve those orders, but we will also give the victim the assistance needed to protect themselves from future violence. Service is extenuated beyond the call of duty in the Office of the Rowan County Sheriff because the hearts of the deputies and staff cannot rest. The results of such dedication and passion are abundant in the community.

To maintain the highest degree of credibility in the Sheriff's Office by continuously developing a professional office that is courteous and committed to serving the community. We will continuously strive to earn the community's respect and trust by providing a serious and professional approach to law enforcement that is honest and fair to everyone, regardless of one's political affiliation.

It is with great pride that I present to you the Office of the Rowan County Sheriff on this website. Depicting the commitment and service our deputies and staff offer to the Rowan County community, this website will acquaint you with the courageous and honorable efforts of the Rowan County Sheriff's Office.

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